[Recipes] Tuna Cheek

A couple of weeks back, the Soshinsen team had the opportunity to experiment cooking with a series of Tuna cuts that are not as "mainstream". These cuts included meat from the Cheek, Collar and the Eye Muscle. While they may sound squeamish, these cuts had such extraordinary flavours and we had such a fun time cooking them. 


Most ingredients can be found on our website! Check out the links over each ingredient (:



1 Pc Tuna Cheek 
1/2 Teaspoon Lemon Juice
Chopped Garlic

Step 1: Marinate Tuna Cheek with Salt and Lemon Juice.

Step 2: Heat Butter in a pan with finely chopped Garlic on low heat.

Step 3: Remove the Garlic pieces.

Step 4: Placed marinated Tuna Cheek in pan and cook on Medium heat for 4 minutes on each side

Step 5: Serve on its own.

Step 6: Enjoy!