Northern Bluefin Tuna Omakase Box // おまかせ まぐろ 3種盛り合わせ


  • Northern Bluefin Tuna Omakase Box
  • Sashimi-grade
  • The meaning behind this Omakase Box is such that each week, you will be trust us to select which parts of the Tuna go in to the box.
  • 1 box will consist of 3 types of Tuna.
  • Each piece is about 200-300g
  • Our Tunas have all undergone a super-freezing process where they are frozen and stored at -60°celsius and this kills all kinds of bacteria and parasites. Read more about super-freezing here


  • "Akami" refers to the least fatty and lean portion of the Tuna and is located at the back loin and typically above the Chutoro
  • "Chutoro" refers to the Medium-fatty portion of the Tuna and is located inbetween the Akami and Otoro
  • "Otoro" refers to the Fatty portion of the Tuna and is located at the Fattiest portion of the Belly below the Chutoro
  • "Negitoro" refers to chopped up meat of the Tuna
  • Good for Sashimi, Nigiri & Chirashi 


*Prices are based on 200g pieces. Each piece is about 200g-300g.

*Note: the weight mentioned in each and every post is a rough estimate of the product's weight, depending on the size of the fish, we do see some pieces that are smaller or larger than others but we try our best to meet our minimum stated weight. If you do get a larger piece, consider it your lucky day because we will honor our prices all the same! 


*Do place your orders 3 days in advance when planning for your parties because products are specially flown in upon order and we would not want to disappoint all you foodies (:

*That is by Monday Evening for Friday Shipments and Friday Evening for Tuesday Shipments.


*Pictures provided are meant for visual purposes which may or may not represent the actual weight.

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