Get to know us

Shinsen comes from the Japanese word "新鮮な" Shinsen’na which stands for fresh. 
Soshinsen therefore stands for "So fresh!"


Soshinsen was energized by the desire to provide an alternative affordable source of sashimi-grade Japanese fishes and dining experience to friends and foodies who share the same love as we do for the Japanese cuisine. The name in its entirety embodies a significant prerequisite for any type of food, especially raw ingredients.


As foodies ourselves, we believe that a gathering of foodies creates a platform that allows for connection where ideas, opinions, questions and cravings can be shared amongst friends and strangers alike. The quest for knowledge and different cooking styles & methods is a never-ending one and we hope to embark on this quest with you. 

We offer a selection of various foods such as premium types of fresh fishes, seasonal fishes, fruits & vegetables as well as dry goods directly from our suppliers from the various seafood markets from all over Japan, Yokohama Market, Osaka fish Market and the Kyushu fish market, just to name a few.