Firefly Squid // Hotaruika // ホタルイカ


  • Firefly Squid
  • 200g/pack
  • Sashimi-grade
  • The firefly squid is bioluminescent. The mantle, head, arms and tentacles are dotted with tiny, light-producing organs called photophores. When flashed, the light attracts small fish, which the squid can feed upon.
  • Its flesh is usually quite soft and sweet.
  • Freshly flown in twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays
  • Good for Sashimi, Cooked or Boiled


*Do place your orders 3 days in advance when planning for your parties because products are specially flown in upon order and we would not want to disappoint all you foodies (:

*That is by Monday Evening for Friday Shipments and Friday Evening for Tuesday Shipments.

*Note: the weight mentioned in each and every post is a rough estimate of the product's weight, depending on the size of the fish, we do see some pieces that are smaller or larger than others but we try our best to meet our stated weight. If you do get a larger piece, consi

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